Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sick Scribe – A Tale of Determination and Gentleness

   Once upon a time, there was a Scribe who came down with the flu. The Scribe, he was not just any Scribe, he was the King's Scribe. That morning, the Scribe sneezed himself awake. His nose ran and his body ached, but the Scribe was determined to get out of bed.
   "I must get up and began my day," the Scribe said, sniveling and snuffing. "For I am the Scribe that records the King's words for all to be heard. No time to be sick, I must get up right away, no time to be sick– No, not today!"
    So the Scribe rose, put on his clothes, and put on some tea, for his breakfast, you see. He had a bit of leftover cake, hardened a little from its night awake. He chewed and sneezed, crumbs flying in the breeze. The Scribe, he sneezed out so much more of the cake, so much more of the cake than he actually ate.
   But, the Scribe was determined to write away, recording the events of the King's day. With his quill and parchment, the Scribe climbed the stairs, the King, he was waiting up there, in the Courtyard, with Knights all round, that is where the King was found.
  The Scribe, he sat at his usual spot, where he could sit and see the lot, drawing and writing for all of time, what happened that day in the King's court. It seemed the knights were playing some kind of sport, with a small round disk that flew threw the air, a frisbee, we'd call it, if we were there.
 The Scribe drew the scene that he did see, preserving it for all of prosperity. But as he drew, his nose ran and ran, running all the way down to the ground. It flooded the courtyard, ruining the game, but the Knights, they did play, just the same, wading in snot as green as the grass, throwing the frisbee round and round, right, left, up and down and back again.
  The Scribe, he sneezed a terrible sneeze, one that shook even the King's knees. It blew through the Courtyard and dried up the snot, but the stench caused the spring flowers to rot. But the knights, they still played while the Scribe, he drew, for that was what they were supposed to do.
  "Excuse me, Sire, and Knights of the Court, I didn't mean to ruin your sport – I'm just trying to write, as I am supposed to do, even though it seems I've come down with the flu!" The Scribe, he did apologize as he sneezed again, disturbing the skies.
  Purple snot shot right of his nose, and landed on a Dragon's toes, a little spit landed in his eye, so the Dragon, he did torch the skies!
  Fire rained down on the Courtyard below, and the King yelled, "Scribe, you have to go! More trouble you have caused, getting out of bed! Go back home and rest your head! Better to know when you need rest, then to go off trying to do you best. I appreciate your strength and dedication, but Script, it is time to take a vacation. Come back when you are feeling well, and then I'll have a tale to tell, which you can write down every word, so that the King's words will always be heard."
  The Scribe sneezed again, blue snot put out the flames, leaving the flowers scorched and maimed.
  "Sorry, Sire, you are right, and with that, I bid you goodnight," the Scribe said, bowing his head, then went downstairs and back to bed.
  The Scribe, his snores, they rumbled to earth, as the Knights played again with delight and mirth. And so the Scribe rested once more, not rising until health was restored.

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Angela Dawn MacKay 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Procrastinating Prince

      Once upon a time, there was a Prince who did want to do anything, but play video games. He slept in late and had his servants bring food to his quarters while he sat on his bed and played Dragon Quest all day long.
      When asked if wanted to ride his horses, the Prince said, "Nay… I'll do it later, I'm busy right now." When asked if he wanted to train the knights, the Prince said, "Nay…I'll do it later, I'm busy right now."
       The King grew more and more frustrated with the Prince.
      "How can I get him to do something? … Anything?" the King asked his court.
      "I have an idea, Sire, that might help motivate him," the Magician said. "But I will need the help of the Dragon that guards the castle gates."
      "Why, of course," the King said. "I'll give you anything you need…just get that boy out of his room and doing something!"
      "Thank you, Sire," the Magician said.
       That evening, the Magician snuck into the Prince's quarters. He took his DS and flat screen TV away and hid them in the Dragon's Lair,  a dark cave at the top of Black Mountain.
       The next morning, the Prince awoke and found that his things were missing.
     "Where are they?!" the Prince demanded. "I want to play Dragon Quest right now - I'm on the last level!"
     "Sire, it seems that the Dragon was interested in playing Dragon Quest, as well," the Magician said. "Last night, he flew into your chambers and stole your player and TV. This morning, he has not taken his post at the castle gates, but instead, he is high up in his lair, playing Dragon Quest. Every time he kills a bad guy, he gets so excited that smoke and fire fill the skies!"
     "Well, I must get it back, then," the Prince says. "Servants, ready my horses. Gather the knights. We are going on a Dragon Quest of our own!"
      The Prince mounts his horse and rides to where the knights are waiting. "We must ride to the top of Black Mountain and recover what was taken from me!"
      So the Prince leads the nights through the Phantom Forest and up towards Black Mountain. As the slope was too steep for all of the knights to climb, the Prince went up the mountain alone.
      When he reached the Dragon's lair, the Prince snuck into the cave. There he saw the Dragon, curled up on rock playing Dragon Quest. So involved in the game, he was, that he did not notice the Prince's arrival.
      The Prince spoke up. "Dragon, I challenge you to a duel! To the death! What say you, Dragon?"
      The Dragon looked up from the TV screen and met the Prince's eye.
     "I accept your challenge!" the Dragon said. He smiled and bowed his head. "So I shall set the game up for two players, then?"
      The Prince smiled. "Yes, that's a great idea!"
      So the Dragon and the Prince battled together, killing each other over and over. The Dragon snorted whenever he won, setting fire to the rocks near by. The Prince roasted marshmallows over the flames, eating one every time he defeated the Dragon.
      As night fell, the Prince prepared to return to the castle.
     "So I shall return the same time tomorrow and we will continue to battle?" the Prince asked, eyeing the Dragon.
     "Yes, Sire, that sounds like a great idea!" the Dragon said, smiling.
    And so the very next morning, the Prince rose very early. He rode the horses and trained the knights for battle. And then the Prince climbed up the mountain to the Dragon's lair and they battled until dusk. Day after day, the Prince rose early, rode the horses, trained the knights, and battled with the Dragon.
      Upon hearing this great news, the King called the Magician to the court.
      "I am afraid, Sire, that my trick has produced mixed results," the Magician said. "I did not expect that the Dragon would be lured in by the game as well."
     "Nonsense!" the King said." I am grateful for the success you have had. At least you have gotten him out of his room! At least, he's out socializing! Thank you, Magician, for all of your help.…Now, there is just one more thing… Can you find me another Guard Dragon? I'm afraid that the castle gate is not very secure without one…"